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At Ekur, we strive to provide you with exceptional service, but we understand that circumstances may vary. That’s why we offer a straightforward 60-day money-back guarantee. If you find that the services you ordered are not delivered as expected within this period, we’ve got you covered.

What’s Covered:

If, within 60 days, you don’t receive the services you ordered, we’ll gladly process a full refund for you. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with our offerings, and this guarantee reflects our commitment to your peace of mind, if you request a refund before the 60 days, we only refund our formation fee minus the state fee

What’s Not Covered:

While we stand by our refund policy, it’s important to note that certain situations fall outside its scope. Our policy does not cover any rejection of acceptance by third-party services associated with our offerings. This includes instances such as the rejection of a bank account by a third-party bank or payment gateway due to specific business practices or circumstances on your end.

Our Commitment:

We’re here to make your experience with Ekur as seamless as possible. If you have any concerns or queries regarding our refund policy, our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we want to ensure you have the clarity and confidence you need when working with us.

Contact Us:

If you have questions or require further clarification about our refund policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team. You can reach us through email at hello@ekur.io or use our live chat on the website.

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